Data Breach Protection and Resolution Services from BenefitMall

This valuable data risk management resource is the first line of defense against the damaging effects of a data breach for BenefitMall customers. With powerful risk calculators, templates for data breach response planning, and compliance and regulation databases, companies have an invaluable tool in the battle for privacy and sensitive data protection. To gain access to this site please contact BenefitMall.

Not our customer? Read on to learn how CyberScout Consulting can help.

CyberScout Consulting — Data Breach Protection and Resolution Services 

Whether you are currently experiencing a breach, or looking for reliable guidance to help you protect your business or organization from the damaging effects of a data breach, CyberScout can help. Through our consulting group, CyberScout Consulting, you have access to expert to paid consultants with expertise in security, privacy and information governance assistance, who provide practical, affordable solutions that help businesses avert, prepare for and respond to data breach events.

CyberScout Consulting can help your organization:

  • Respond swiftly and appropriately to a data breach event
  • Review or procure cyber liability or data breach insurance coverage
  • Assess, prioritize and resolve organizational data risks
  • Create, update and test incident response plans
  • Train boards, leadership and staff on data risk, privacy and security compliance

To get help protecting sensitive data, or learn more about CyberScout Consulting, call BenefitMall.